Daisy Dunlop Series ~ Audio Books

The first book in the series, Lost Cause, is now available as an audiobook.  Listen to the first chapter below.

You can buy a copy at Audible and Amazon.

If you’re not an Audible member you can get a free copy when you sign up for the first time for a 30 day free trial. Amazon also has an offer that if you buy the ebook (which is currently free) you can download the audio book for a greatly reduced price.

Meet the Narrator

I consider myself very fortunate to have the lovely Mary Phillips from Riveting Narration as the narrator of my book. If you listened to the clip above I am sure you’ll agree she has a rare talent for voices and accents. I bet bedtime stories at Mary’s house are a blast!

Want to know more?

Mary Phillips is a British VoiceOver & Audiobook Talent specially in Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, Comedy multiple accents, multiple characters, always Riveting.

Soon to be award-winning!  She has worked with several authors, and wrote and performed her own radio show which was broadcast on AndoverSound.com in the UK.   In a previous existence she was interviewed by Harry Secombe.

Daughter of a RAF family her love of drama really developed while at boarding school, where she also took up singing.  She was blessed with having a wonderful drama teacher with whom she is still in touch.  Later, Mary served in the RAF herself, and really had “poster recruit’s” time at a multitude of RAF stations in the UK and abroad, she absolutely loved it!  Even in the RAF she kept up her drama and singing.

In true romance novel style, Mary met the love of her life, her very own “Reader I married him” at her eldest sister’s wedding!  She was a bridesmaid; he was an usher… (he was also the “dangerous friend” of the bridegroom.  Her sister had in fact gone to the lengths of denying having any sisters when he enquired prior to the wedding!) within two and a half years they were married.

A few years have passed since.  During which the main mysteries and thrillers were: why can no-one else put stuff away, neatly?  Where did the other sock go? Will I ever manage to get out of the house in under 30mins again?  It turns out kids do grow up and she can out of the house in less than 10 mins now!  She also discovered books again and found them to be even more wonderful than before.

Mary has become a voracious reader from the obvious domestic and child-rearing genre, to educational and self-development tomes, to business books and of course, romance, thrillers, mysteries and AUDIOBOOKS!  She has found that audiobooks combined with fantastic technology such as smartphones, non-dial-up modem internet, and apps have revolutionised her world.  She can do pretty much anything with an audiobook in her ear.

So with children largely grown and teetering on the edge of the nest it was time to get back to “Mary stuff”, and so, obviously,  the next logical step was to become a Voice-Over Artiste and Audiobook narrator.  There is so much knowledge, fun and escapism to be shared with the world that there is an endless source joy to be had in this line of work.  Mary envisages herself doing this forever because there’ll always be another story to tell.   She continues to be always listening, reading and learning.  Delighting in conjuring Every World in Your Ear.

Mary can be contacted via

Website:      www.RivetingNarration.com

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