Cast of Characters from The Daisy Dunlop Mystery Series

Daisy Dunlop


Occupation:  Heir Hunter (Finding people who are left money when someone dies.)

Age:  34

Place of Birth:  Manchester, England

Husband:   Paul Dunlop (AKA Doughnut)

Son: Sherman Dunlop

Arch nemesis and business partner:  Solomon (AKA Ronan Liffey)

Determined to finally prove she can do something right, Daisy takes on a new role as an heir hunter. Too bad she has to work with her husband’s best mate, Solomon. So she has had some trouble with jobs in the past, but what could possibly go wrong this time?


Hero – Not that Daisy will ever admit it.

Occupation:  Private Investigator

Age: 38

Place of Birth: Northern Ireland

Relationship Status: Single

Solomon owes Daisy’s husband a favor but he never expected Paul to force him to work with Daisy. The woman is a walking disaster. Everything she touches turns to shite. She wants to be an heir hunter, Solomon just wants her to quit. After she starts work on her first case, looking for a missing man, she attracts the attention of some people who want her dead. Now Solomon has no choice but to work with her to keep her safe.

Paul Dunlop

Occupation: Security Guard

Age: 37

Place of Birth: Manchester, England

Wife: Daisy Dunlop

Son: Sherman Dunlop

Paul is Solomon’s best mate. They met when they were both in the army serving as Military Police. His biggest desire in life is to see Daisy happy and safe. Happy is easy, he loves her to bits. Safe is more of a challenge. His woman has a habit of getting herself in trouble. When she decides she wants to be an Heir Hunter he knows Solomon is just the man to keep her out of trouble. Even better, he owes Paul a favour.

Sherman Dunlop

Occupation: High School Student

Age: 14 (nearly 15)

Place of Birth: Manchester, England

Parents: Paul and Daisy Dunlop

Loves: Soccer, girls, music, hanging out with his best mate Ben, and his way too cool Godfather, Solomon.

Hates: His parents when they talk about their sex life in front of him and don’t act their age.

Long suffering Sherman is the only child of Paul and Daisy. As far as he is concerned he was delivered to the front door by aliens. His parents don’t do sex and he refuses to believe otherwise, even when he finds his dad’s underpants on top of the telly. He used to dream of playing soccer for Manchester United but he is starting to think he might like to be a Policeman when he grows up, but don’t tell Daisy. She would have a fit if she thought her baby wanted to do something that could put him in danger.