Welcome to my website. I have just published book 3 of the Daisy Dunlop Mystery series, along with a box set of the first three books.  If you want to keep up with what I am doing you can find out here, or you could sign up for my newsletter, and have the added bonus of freebies and bonuses.

I have been blown away by the wonderful online reviews and comments from readers who have emailed to tell me how much they’ve enjoyed reading the series so far. If you’ve read my bio page, and my books, you’ve probably worked out I love to laugh. Daisy and Solomon are great fun to write, and I wish I could write all day. Alas, my day job as a tax manager at a boutique accounting practice is time consuming and demanding, so I have to fit writing in where I can. Getting up before the birds and sitting in my study to write, and balancing the laptop on my knees as I spend my lunch breaks sitting in my car tapping away, are all worthwhile when I know that people get as much pleasure from reading my books as I get from writing them.

As you may have noticed, the books are set in the UK, and I’m an Aussie. I grew up on the south coast of England, and decided to set my series there because it’s a part of the world that will always be home to me. I travel back to visit family as often as I can, in fact I will be shivering my way through a UK winter when I arrive home for another Christmas at the end of this year.

I do have plans to write more books about other crazy characters, but for now Daisy and Solomon keep me fully occupied.

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Best wishes